Our Services

Quamvest S.A. provides asset management and other related services, such as marketing support, for a variety of structures and investment promoters.

In its role as Quilvest Group’s regulated alternative asset manager, Quamvest is the entity that has the exclusive responsibility for the marketing and distribution of Quilvest Private Equity’s funds in the European Union (EEA).

Quamvest S.A. supports its clients from the beginning of any investment project by working with promoters and legal advisors in defining and designing the best structure for the concerned investment strategy.

Once the investment and legal structure has been defined it provides advice to identify the adequate partners for the projects and assuring the appropriate operational fit with them.

Quamvest S.A. has developed its own risk methodology (4M Risk Management Process) that ensures the continuous monitoring and management of related investment risks.

Investment valuation is done at the risk department either autonomously or in cooperation with external valuators or valuation advisors.

Investment management decisions are made by portfolio managers in consultation with the relevant investment advisors and committees as well as with the risk and compliance functions. In some cases, portfolio management is carried out with the support of authorized sub-managers.

The portfolios under management invest in standard tradable securities (shares, bonds, other investment funds, or derivatives), real estate assets (either directly or indirectly), private equity investments in a wide variety of sectors and industries (directly or indirectly through other PE funds), tangible assets, or credit related assets.

In respect of marketing and distribution Quamvest S.A. supports in clients to fulfill the regulatory requirements in EEA jurisdictions and other domiciles.