A Quilvest Group Company

Quamvest S.A. is the regulated alternative asset manager of the Quilvest Group.

Furthermore, Quamvest S.A. is a fully licensed AIFM with the capacity to manage a broad number of investment strategies and asset classes. It manages a variety of strategies and asset classes through a number of investment vehicles that are promoted either by the Quilvest Group related entities or by other third party institutions.

The Company was incorporated in 2013 to respond to the new requirements of the AIFMD regulations and also to reinforce the service offering of the Quilvest Group in the alternative investment space.

Today, the company provides risk and portfolio management services for more than 90 separate portfolios. In addition, Quamvest delivers for the portfolios it manages compliance, reporting, marketing, and other services that are required by market practice and the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

In its role as AIFM of the alternative investment structures of Quilvest Private Equity, Quamvest carries out the marketing and distribution of its funds and services in the European Economic Area (Additional information on Quilvest Private Equity can be found at http://www.quilvestprivateequity.com).

Quamvest S.A. has set up a branch in France in order to support the marketing activities of the alternative investment funds sponsored by Quilvest Private Equity.

In January 2017, Quamvest S.A. became an Exempted Reported Advisor (ERA) in the US, a status that allows it to manage “private funds” for US investors.